Elaine Link

Elaine Link - Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Representative
Recreation Team

Elaine Link is a Customer Service Representative for the Berwyn Park District and is our primary front-desk contact at the Proksa Park Activity Center. Before beginning her career with us, she was a teacher’s aid for Emerson Elementary School for 10 years. In 2006, Elaine was invited to volunteer at our activity center. What began as volunteering transformed into a 16-year career, as she became an expert at operating our recreation desk, participating in all of our special events over the years, and gaining great insight into every role at our parks. 

Residents have shared the sentiment that Elaine continues to go above and beyond in her service, with many seeking to wait for her help. It is because of her drive to help locals, and her passion to watch the Berwyn Park District thrive and become the best version of itself, that makes her a special asset to our team. Elaine is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and acquaintance to hundreds upon hundreds of park-goers.

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