Mario Manfredini

Mario Manfredini - Commissioner
Board of Directors
Elected Term: 2021-2025

Mario Manfredini was initially elected to the Berwyn Park District Board in 2009. He has served as the Board President for five terms and was re-elected to the Board in 2015. As a life-long Berwyn resident Mario has been serving his community for over 30 years. A desire to be involved with an integral community entity and help to foster its growth and service to residents is one of the main reasons that Mario ran for the Board. Mario has served on several committees that have put Berwyn and the Park District on the map and has had the pleasure of being the guest chef at the District’s annual Positively Pasta Fundraiser since 2011.

Mario has been a Berwyn Firefighter for 22 years and is involved with over a dozen non-profit organizations in the area, most recently being elected to the Board of the Berwyn Development Corporation. Mario owns and operates Mario’s Marinara – Recipes From The Firehouse, which is a small artisanal product line of sauces and condiments. Mario is well-rounded in the budget process, policy making, grant writing, and staff / resource management.

Mario was happy to bring his talents to the Berwyn Park District where he treats every issue before him with an open-mind and researches all information before making a decision that will be in the best interest of the community. Mario’s belief is that the BPD is a valued gem in the city and runs well; it is his goal to keep this gem shining. Mario’s vision is that by providing recreational facilities and programs, the Park District not only improves the quality of life of Berwyn’s residents, but it also helps to attract new residents and businesses to the community.

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